With my chief editor, Linda. She makes my writing readable.


You do what you have to do to get a good editor!

beaver taking off.jpg

DeHavilland Beaver, the plane that made Stranded at Romson's Lodge possible.

Saw this at a craft fair. Not quite Old Jed, but too cute to pass up when I was launching My Donkey and the Master!

2016-04-03 00.24.16.jpg

With Robin Walker, Marketing/Events Librarian at the Brown County Public Library District (my home away from home when I was a child). Robin has been one of my biggest supporters and encouragers. Every author needs a Robin in his/her life!

2016-04-03 00.24.50.jpg

With Robin and my wife/chief editor, Linda.

2016-10-11 21.41.26.jpg

Waneta Farlow, one of the biggest influences on my life as a young child, for she made books come alive to me. She came to my first real author appearance from over an hour away. I'll be forever grateful for her.


Yorkville Public Library Creative Writers Group. Some of the most encouraging people a writer can be blessed to know!

Mrs. Crusor's class 2018.jpg

 One of the best things about being an author is interacting with students and imparting a love of reading and writing. Had a great time with this group.

signing a copy of Stranded for Teri Kest

Signing a copy for Teri Kestner's class. She has a wall of author-signed book pages for her students. What a thrill it was to speak to them at Central Junior High, where I graduated High School just a few (?) years ago. We need more teachers like her to instill a love of learning and of reading. 


Thrilled to have my name included in this great list of authors in this anthology! I'm on the tenth line. My flash fiction piece, "Danlions for Memorial Day," is included in the collection.